Licensed Interpreters

Serving Clients in North Carolina

Our goal is to provide excellence in communication, serving both Hearing and Deaf clients with respect, professionalism, quality, and confidentiality!

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Educational Interpretation

Teachers, Students & Presenters

Maximize academic learning with qualified interpreters right in the classroom or lecture hall. We serve clients at Pre-K, K-12, trade school, and university levels.

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Business Interpretation

Employer & Employee Communication

We make the business world a more accessible and empowering place for both Hearing and Deaf professionals. Ideal for meetings, interviews, training, and more.

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· Pre-K
· K-12
· College
· University


· Doctors
· Hospitals
· Private Practices
· Home Health Care
· Imaging Centers
· Mental Health
· Rehabilitation


· Vocational
· Financial
· Legal
· Government
· Meetings
· Interviews
· Training

Special Events

· Conferences
· Seminars & Workshops
· Theater
· Sporting Events
· Concerts

All American Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.

All American Interpreters for the Deaf, Incorporated is an interpreter referral agency located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The agency is female owned and operated and has been serving the Fayetteville and surrounding areas since 2003. We have made the decision to provide our services mainly within North Carolina and concentrate on our local communities. The professional relationships that we have developed with our sign language interpreters and our Deaf and hearing consumers have allowed us to better serve our region. It is because of these relationships, we provide a more tailored and personal experience for our clients.

Interpreting happens everywhere… in corporate offices, classrooms, workshops, chapels, synagogues, hospitals, doctors offices, court rooms, theaters, backyards and ballfields. It is our job to ensure successful communication – ANY place, ANY time! It is our job to know the laws, the rules and the ethics of the interpreting profession. Simply put, it is our job to make your job easier.

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Join Our Team

If you are an American Sign Language interpreter and are interested in joining the AAID team, please contact us! We would love to have you on board! If you are new to this area, please check our calendar frequently for upcoming events and workshops and like us on Facebook!

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